2.5w Solar Charger and Universal Powerbank - 2000mAh

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2.5w Solar Charger and Universal Powerbank - 2000mAh

This Leisure Pursuits powerful, fast charging 2.5w portable solar panel charger with an optional universal 2000mAh battery powerbank can be fitted to almost any object or window such as a rucksack, backpack, car, bag,  house window or any other object you would like convert to a portable solar battery powered charger!

Devices may be directly powered from the solar panel itself or through the 2000mAh battery powerbank. The choice is yours as either the solar panel charger or the battery powerbank are very flexible items in their own right

This solar charger and battery powerbank includes multiple adapters that will recharge various electronic devices such as tablets, ipads, iphones, lanterns, digital cameras or most other electronic devices, anywhere, any time! With its 2000mAh battery powerbank, this device gives you hours and hours of outdoor use, for your holiday, picnic or backpacking experience! You can quickly recharge this 2000mAh battery powerbank using your computer USB or mains transformer or charge it using the portable solar panel charger.  

v     2000mAh Powerbank 3.7v battery can be recharged quickly via an AC Adapter or computer connected USB (input 5.5v, 500mA), or by the Portable Solar Panel (output 5.3v 410mA). Size 100mm x 61mm x 13mm     

v     2.5w Portable Solar Charger Panel with DIY straps to attach to many different objects and using suction cups to fit to any Window. Output 5.3v x 410mA. Size: 215mm x 275mm x 30mm. Weight 417g.     

v     Solar charger panel sample charge times

o       Mobile phone 3 – 4 hours

o       MP3/MP4 2 – 3 hours

o       PSP / GPS 5 – 6 hours

v     5 Adapters that will work with most electronic devices, including Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson , Blackberry, MP3(Audio), MP4(Video), Digital cameras, Video cameras, Any device that uses a mini-USB, GPS etc

v     Power and charge electronic devices on-the-move