Electric Golf Trolley Speed Operation Kit for 'D' Shaped Handle (Pre 2016)

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Electric Golf Trolley Handle Operation Kit for D Handle

To fit our own 'D' handle type golf trolley and many others. You must ascertain if these components are suitable for your golf trolley before ordering as they are non-refundable parts

Consists of:

1) Speed adjustment control with retaining nut and washer

2) Circuit board to control all operations for the golf trolley to the electric motor

3) Replacement soft keyboard

4) Transparent nylon inserts for control switches of circuit board x 2

Will fit most models of: 'X'Sports, Stowamatic, Bentley, Pro Rider, Hillman I-Kart, Bentley, Proforce amongst many others.

Please check before ordering as these are non-refundable parts