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Anchor Adjustment Trolling Kit for Kayaks


Kayak or Canoe Anchor Adjustment Kit. This kit allows you to move the anchor forward and backwards to provide precise positioning of the kayak while you are fishing or just anchored up. Using our simple pulley system with a zigzag cleat lock, you can angle your boat in any direction needed and place yourself in a position to allow you to fish. Manufactured exclusively to Leisure Pursuits drawings and specification.

Kit includes:

  • 9m of 4mm braided line (polypropylene 8 ply)
  • 2 x Marine grade stainless steel pulleys with nylon sleeves
  • 2 x Stainless steel 6mm snap hooks
  • 40mm Dia. nylon round rigging ring (10mm Rim)
  • Zigzag cleat
  • 2 x Nylon pad eyes
  • Mounting hardware pack includes 6 well nuts with stainless steel screws but does not include an anchor


  • Removable and reusable snap-in feature to facilitate multiple assembly
  • To use with standard metric machine screws
  • Can be used in blind burr free holes and will not damage finished surfaces
  • Suitable for marine applications and uses marine grade stainless steel
  • Helps seal ambient moisture and absorb noise
  • Electrically neutral and isolates
  • Will dampens vibration and minimise shock
  • Perfect for metal-to-plastic and other mixed material assemblies
  • Resistant to weathering in outdoor conditions

Well nuts are simple to install, simply place well-nut insert into a pre-drilled hole until the flange is firmly against the mounting surface. Push the machine screw through the part to be fastened and tighten. The flanged neoprene bushing with a captive brass nut, is designed to provide a shock and vibration resistant fixing. The removable blind screw anchor is suitable for many  applications and conditions. From thin gauge metals to plastic sheet to 16.5mm thick. The high radial expansion even allows use in solid materials.