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Golf Putting Straight Line Training Aid

A superb golf straight line training aid for practising your putting indoors. This 'X'Sports design inspired by Leisure Pursuits allows for realistic putting practice wherever you wish to practice as the green easily rolls up for carrying and storage. The holes are designed on an incline for improving firmness of stroke and for an extra challenge. This two colour green is an ideal size of 3.0 Metres long by 0.3 Metres wide, ideal for medium and short length putts. Ball return chute will return your balls automatically for the next shot!


  • Putting green 3.0m x 0.3m
  • Synthetic two colour surface simulates a natural grass feel
  • Two putting holes for greater variety of shots. Sizes 6.5cm and 8.5cm.  
  • Over run balls will still also be returned down the chute ready for the next shot
  • Hole area is raised to promote a firmer "through the ball" putting stroke 
  • Folds up for quick and easy storage
  • Material is a soft fibre material
  • Club storage