Seniors Smart GPS Tracker Watch. Auto Dial in Emergency, Fall, SOS Alarm Location

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  • Description

Smart GPS Tracker Watch. SOS Alarm

This GPS Smart Watch for the Elderly is sold exclusively by Leisure Pursuits on behalf of the manufacturer who holds the genuine patent for this product.

Major Features:

  • SOS – Programmable button press to switch power on and send SOS to 999 or other carer
  • Relative or Support Person – Two separate buttons can be programmed to auto dial to carer, son, daughter etc.
  • WeChat, Voice, Time – Programmable single button
  • Safety Area – Can be programmed to alert carer if watch user is outside this area
  • Fall notification from watch or notification to remote carer

Key Features:

  • Two way voice conversation from programmed emergency buttons
  • Smart GPS watch does not need a wearer’s phone. Contains own dedicated SIM card.
  • G-sensor quadruple positioning technology (correct GPS position)
  • Supports calling from watch to any other phone (Large Digital keypad)
  • Remote call recipient can listen in to surroundings of watch user
  • Low watch battery – less than 10% initiates a call to relatives phone
  • Holds historical route data for 90 days, if watch wearer is lost or wishes to repeat route to carer or trail visits


  • SOS Number calling – Set up three numbers, press SOS key on watch for 3 seconds and watch enters alarm status and dials 3 numbers in a loop. If there is no answer it will dial 2 loops.
  • Five positioning technology using GPS, WIFI, Zone WIFI, A-GPS Auxiliary, Supports multiple base stations (20 channels). GPS precision 5-15 metres.
  • High-definition large-screen display with large font. 1.54inch (39mm)
  • Loud volume setting
  • Voice time telling
  • Heart rate display
  • Step count
  • Sleep tracking
  • Reminders to move
  • Watch finder – click on the button in the relative or carers phone app and watch will ring
  • Alarm clock - set up to three alarms
  • SMS reminder settings
  • Memory: 1GB.
  • Screen: thickened tempered glass.
  • GPS TRACKER REQUIRES A GPS CARD FOR 2G GSM which we include FOC, but you will need to charge card (£5+) and register sim
  • Includes instruction manual and charger.
  • Size: 56mm x 42mm x 15mm.
  • Wgt: 58g.
  • APPROX WRIST DIAMETER 40mm to 75mm