Aqua Dumbbell Weights. Swimming Training Fitness

Aqua Dumbbell Weights. Swimming Training Fitness

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Aqua Dumbbell Weights for Swimming Training and Fitness per Pair

Unique new product in the UK. Aqua Dumbbell Weights are a good tool for all water sports

Aqua weights, or water weights, are dumbbells that are made out of a EVA foam core. Price per pair.

These weights are lightweight and add extra resistance to the water to increase the intensity of the exercise. 28cm x 15cm

You can use aqua weights for most basic dumbbell land exercise while standing in the shallow end of the pool.

Bicep-curls, tricep kickbacks, deltoid front and side raises and standing pec flys are all excellent upper body exercises to do with aqua weights in the pool.

Use aqua weights when swimming the breaststroke for extra water resistance and for an effective upper body toning workout

Good adult aid to help them gain confidence with simply swimming by paddling their feet