Neoprene Diving Surf Wetsuit Glove 3mm
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Neoprene Diving Surf Wetsuit XL Glove 3mm

Outstanding quality and design makes this exclusive Leisure Pursuits product a winner for all Water Sports. Glued and blind stitched to ensure a smooth look


3mm Neoprene for warmth and flexibility with a very supple construction for ease of picking up things. Pre-shaped to ensure a superior fit and that gloves are comfortable


Suitable for all outdoor activity including Surfing, Diving, Sailing & Boating, Kayak & Canoe, Water-skiing & Jet ski. Palm print ensures a firm grip on any objects and an extended wrist provides a better seal



Measurement around knuckles



235 - 250 mm


Use the measurement around the 4 knuckles at the base of the fingers. i.e. the circumference of the hand with the 4 fingers together. There will be about 5mm stretch on these dimensions.