Pro Rider golf trolley clutch - Electric golf trolley wheel clutch pair

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This 100% original manufacturers item has been purchased for some eight years by Leisure Pursuits to not only fully support the 1000’s of this manufacturers electric golf trolleys that we are selling (As link) but also to support the many 1000’s of other similar products. We unreservedly guarantee this product for 2 years on a FREE replacement basis if they fail.


Is your trolley pulling hard to the right or to the left! If so then the chances are that you will need to replace your clutches. Our replacement pair of clutches are suitable for most electric trolleys.

Faulty clutches will not only cause the trolley to veer off course, but they will cause excessive power drain from your battery.

  • Shaft diameter - 12mm
  • Overall diameter - 63mm
  • Pin centres - 47mm
  • Distance from end shaft to drive pin - 45mm. VERY IMPORTANT TO CHECK

Will fit most models of: 'X'Sports, Stowamatic, Pro Rider, Hillman I-Kart, Bentley, Proforce, Leisure Pursuits, Promaster amongst many others.

To fit, simply remove the two screws holding the existing clutches and replace them with the new clutches. Note your wheels are handed left and right.

They will not fit: Hillman and Stowamatic (Early models with 70mm to drive pin). Any remote controlled trolley.