20mm Gym Floor Mats Martial Arts Judo Boxing Garage Shock Absorbing Fitness Play Area Mats

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20mm Gym Floor Mats Martial Arts Judo Boxing Garage Shock Absorbing Blue Fitness Play Area Mats

These 20mm thick commercial grade interlocking shock absorbing impact floor mats are made from the highest quality dense EVA foam. The hardness rating on these mats is 30-35 degrees (Durometer Shore C Test). Product meets CE regulations and has been tested for Compliance with European Standard on Safety to all sections of BS EN71 (Certificate links  1 2  3 )

Please do not buy this type of product without this certification, hardness rating and testing, particularly for Gym's, Play Zones  and Commercial Areas.

Tiles are soft underfoot and yet will still withstand heavy loads or shock absorbing impacts. These non slip floor mats are hard wearing, water resistant and very easy to clean.  These mats have a dual purpose reverse diamond plate pattern on one side and a smooth warm pattern on the other side so they can be used in all applications. They are excellent sound absorbers, durable enough to be used outdoors as well as indoors. Both lightweight and portable as they can be easily fitted and refitted many times. 

Each tile is 2ft x 2ft (60 x 60cm) x 20mm thick with anti-fatigue properties given by the soft foam but firm EVA with each mat having 2 removable straight edges for that perfect finish.

These mats have almost unlimited uses, interlinked to any design you choose and can be used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Schools and Colleges providing a safe cushioned effect underfoot to protect joints
  • Children's play areas indoor or outdoor, use as a soft play area to protect children
  • Camping, boating and recreation - used as a comfortable underlay for tents or under caravan awnings
  • Gyms Providing a safe cushioned effect underfoot to protect joints and not damaged by heavy gym equipment.
  • Yoga Classes - The smooth side of these mats negates the need for personal mats as well.
  • Martial Arts, Judo, Boxing Yoga, Pilates - for low impact and anti fatigue protection
  • Nursery - create a warm and safe cushioned area for the little ones
  • Anti-fatigue matting - great for use in workshop and garages to prevent fatigue by absorbing the shock associated with working on concrete
  • Under swings and trampolines - as safety mats
  • Under equipment - to protect your delicate or slippery floors, shake proof and provides good sound insulation
  • Exercises in the home - Used in the workshop, indoors or shed
  • Gardens - Pool areas and family picnics
  • Hobby & Crafts - Provides a comfortable and clean working surface

The puzzle design means that you can connect each mat to make a larger area, their usage is only limited by your imagination. Each blue mat measures 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm x 20mm) and has two finishing borders for a straight edge finish. The interlocking diamond plate or smooth sided mats are easy to use and can be laid as permanent flooring or for temporary use. The mats can be set-up for shows and exhibitions and then taken up when finished with. They are of course easy to clean. 

Product meets CE regulations and has been tested for Compliance with European Standard on Safety of Toys:

  • EN71 (2005) +A6 Part 1 Physical & Mechanical
  • EN71 (2005) Part 1 Labelling
  • BS EN71 (2006) +A1 Part 2 Flammability
  • BS EN71 (1995) +A1 +AC1 Part 3 Toxicity
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Lead free
  • Latex free
  • Durometer tested to shore C  30-35 degrees (Low grade 15 degrees, highest grade 50 degrees)

Everyone could lay these mats and no special tools are required, simply interlock each mat and then use the straight edges supplied to finish. You can cut to fit with a Stanley knife if required.

Size Guide:

1.49 sq metres (16 sq ft) - 4 mats

2.98 sq metres (32 sq ft) - 8 mats

4.47 sq metres (48.1 sq ft) - 12 mats

8.93 sq metres (96.1 sq ft - 24 mats

13.4 sq metres (144.2 sq ft) - 36 mats

17.86 sq metres (192.2 sq ft) - 48 mats

22.33 sq metres (240.4 sq ft) - 60 mats

26.79 sq metres (288.4 sq ft) - 72 mats

31.26 sq metres (336.5 sq ft) - 84 mats

35.72 sq metres (384.5 sq ft) - 96 mats

44.65 sq metres (480.6 sq ft) - 120 mats


To calculate the area that you need - take the width of the area and x by the length of the area you want to cover. e.g.: if area is 8ft x 6ft = 48 sq ft (12 mats). Each mat is 0.61m sq (2ft sq)


Any other permutation of four mats 1.44 sq metres (16 sq ft) is available. Please email office@leisurepursuits.eu