Wide Saddle Gel Pockets

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Bike Gel Pockets Cycle Saddle


  • Chrome nickel plated side bars and post clamp for a longer life over black painted

  • Length 260 mm x Width at widest point 240 mm x Saddle height 85 mm. Minimum front width 45mm  

  • Tension absorbing GEL pockets built into the saddle

  • Patented air bellows type shock absorber suspension springing for better shock cushioning than ANY steel springs which just bounce. Cannot snap within a short time as steel springs will.

Leisure Pursuits are so proud of the success of this product that we will now provide a 2 year totally unconditionally UK warranty for this product. If it develops a fault within that time-frame we will replace it FOC.


  • This saddle is a gel pocketed top layer very deep saddle with a pneumatic bellows system to ensure a great ride.
  • Surface material has a tough and durable rubbery finish which is fully waterproof.
  • Thick high density main layer for extra comfort
  • Side protection guards to rear and both corners to help prolong life of saddle
  • Chrome nickel plated side rails and nickel plated clamp SUPPLIED

GINO and Carla - a++++  great seat best one out there gonna get another one for my wife

Jennifer Noble - WOW!!!! put this on my bike and done 10 miles. No more sore derrière.. V. Happy!! 

David Kew - I've just got this bike seat for my anniversary from my other half, my old seat was past its sell by date and really un-comfy. WOW what a difference this seat has made I feel as if I could ride for hours and hours its so good. go on and buy one and you'll feel the difference for your self.