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  • Chrome nickel plated side bars and post clamp for dramatically longer rust free life over black painted

  • Tension absorbing GEL pockets built into the saddle

  • Patented air bellows type support springing for better shock cushioning than ANY steel springs. Cannot snap within a short time as steel springs will.

Deluxe comfort gel pocketed saddle. This is easily the most comfortable saddle around for the larger anatomy to our own specification. Patented bellows type springing for controlled weight distribution with the top gel layer providing a soft but controlled comfort saddle ensuring a pleasant ride over any distance Will fit on any standard road, mountain or BMX cycle. Complete with chrome anodised plated clamp and side rails to fit straight onto your existing seat post.




  • This saddle is a gel top pocketed layer very deep saddle with a bellows-sprung system underneath to spread your weight. 
  • Has a tough and durable rubbery external finish which is fully waterproof. No wet sponge effect with this saddle after a spell in the rain, just a relaxed sensation of lightness
  • Thick high density main layer for extra comfort.
  • Approx measurements L25cm x W22cm (Widest point)
  • Side guards to rear and both corners to help prolong life of saddle
  • Chrome nickel plated side rails
  • Fits any cycle with a 20mm standard seat post or rail type seat post
  • Complete with chrome nickel plated clamp.


Jeff Holme - Very pleased with the bike seat, fantastic quality. Very Comfortable Good Ebayer


Sylvia Hoffman James - Fabulous bike seat. This seat is the most comfortable seat I have ever ridden on. I can go for a ride for hours and I feel like I am sitting on my living room sofa. SUPER COMFY, well made, springs make bumps on the road a breeze. Love this seat.


Miss Julia Mustchin - I have cycled to work and back every day for 10 years and it is good for 3 reasons 1) It does NOT have the spring coils that snap within a year of use 2) The seat does NOT absorb water 3) It is very thick and soft and saves your bum from being hurt. I will only be buying this seat in the future after getting through at least 4 selle royal/halfords/other makes. Thank you x