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Latest 'X'Sports model with a huge 6.6hp motor for greater pulling power that supports a straight line pulling capacity of 13,000lbs with many new features and with a 191:1 gear reduction that allows for a very versatile winch that will meet your toughest demands. With 3 planetary cold extrusion steel gears, for superb strength and a longer life cycle. Includes 3.7m Remote connected switch and Wireless Control. This workhorse is completely waterproof. During manufacture these winches are tested 100% for full pulling capacity. Ideal for recovery truck, ATV's, boat trailers, farm vehicles, quad bikes. There is no better specified winch for sale at anything like this price! 


  • Automatic operation
  • With a huge 12,000lb (5,896kg) pulling capacity. Nearly 6 Tonnes!
  • Powerful 6.6hp/4.85kw series wound 12v electric motor
  • A versatile gear reduction of 191:1
  • 3.7m (12ft) Remote connected control switch and a wireless remote (includes battery) for ease of operation
  • Flexible cam operated clutch bar, that enables full engaging and disengaging completely smoothly and efficient for winching not inferior sliding ring gear as most competitors winches  
  • Fully automatic bilateral load holding brake offers more installation options with load-hold in two directions
  • 26m x 9.5mm Galvanised Steel Cable (7 x 19 Strands). Other winches only offer 24m!
  • Fitted with a 500A solenoid (Not 2 x 200A as inferior competitors winches) for solid, consistent and reliable operation
  • Winch and solenoid is completely waterproof for use in all conditions and will continue to work whilst under water
  • Can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical plane
  • 24 Month manufacturers warranty included in the price and manufactured by the largest manufacturer of winches in the far east.
  • Free 'X'Sports winch cover supplied with every winch 


  • Power source Electric 12v DC
  • Clutch is a quality built keyway cam type with 360 degree rotation for better engagement and disengagement 
  • CE Certified and built by a ISO 9001 registered manufacturer
  • Gear train is a tough 3 stage planetary cold extrusion steel type
  • Drum size 64mm x L224mm (2.52” x L8.82”)
  • Heavy duty 4 roller aluminium fairlead
  • Stainless rope thimble and heavy duty hook
  • Battery leads 2 gauge x 1.83m (72”)
  • Overall dimensions 538mm x 160mm x 214mm
  • Mounting bolt pattern 254mm x 114.3mm (10” x 4.5”)
  • Weight 38kg
  • Full length drum bearings
  • All gears are 20CR cold extrusion steel for superb strength and longer cycle life.
  • Recommended battery for winching 650CCA (Cold Cranking Amperage)
  • Designed for quick installation and use
  • Supplied instruction manual, fixing brackets and screws
  • For recovery vehicles we can now offer an optional universal mounting plate