Stomach Muscle Fitness Toning Belts for Men/Ladies

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Stomach Muscle Toner Fitness Toning Belts for Men and Ladies

Leisure Pursuits proudly present what we think is the most technologically superb and most comprehensive fitness belts kit on sale today. An XSports product that we hold sales exclusivity for. This excellent toning exercise system with 4 toning pads features 6 pre-programmed exercise and workout routines for ease of use and is also completely portable with no wires or cords to plug in, ensuring you can exercise anywhere and any time you choose.   


Main belt allows training:

1) ABS (using large pad)

2) ABS + Back (adjustable for S, M, L with large pads)

Small belts allows training:

3) Arms (using either small or large pads)

4) Thighs (using small or large pads)


The innovative Electric Muscle Stimulation system will change your training routine for ever! With its unique dual channel technology using the conductive pads (No replacements needed) the belt trains two different muscle groups at the same time. You can strengthen your inner and outer abdomen muscles with a noticeable improvement after only a few sessions.   


XSports comes complete with 2 adjustable belts, ensuring you can use it on everything from your arms, thighs to your abs and more, providing a comfortable fit wherever you chose to use it. Included is the XSports electronic massage system, adjustable waist belt, two adjustable smaller belts for arms and thighs, 2 large pads for thighs, 2 smaller pads for arms, Your choice to use 4 Gel sheets or tube conductive gel BOTH supplied and easy to follow 12 page instruction manual with pictures. All supplied in your XSports carry case.   


Used regularly and in conjunction with a healthy diet the toning massage belt can help you to lose weight and get your body back in shape by exercising muscles without the physical effort normally required. Just using the Electronic Exercise Toning Belt with its 4 toning pads supplied for 10 minutes is equivalent to 600 sit-ups! Sculpt, firm and tone your muscles quickly and easily and shed those excess pounds with ease.  The XSports toning belt does all the hard work for you. You can simply put it on and work out anytime, anywhere.   


  • Just 10 minutes on the XSports Electronic Muscle Stimulation Toning Belt is equivalent to 600 sit-ups! 
  • Completely portable. You can use XSports whilst you are walking your dog, working or simply relaxing
  • Features 6 pre-programmed exercise and workout routines
  • Features up to 30 Intensity levels and programme times from 1minute to 15 minutes
  • Includes 2 adjustable belts so you can use it on your arms or thighs.
  • Includes two large and two smaller pads for greater flexibility and variable muscle stimulation
  • Includes the XSports electronic massage system and a comprehensive 13 page illustrated instruction manual
  • Choose between 4 supplied Gel pads or conductive gel from a tube
  • Rated wattage 15w. Takes 2 x AAA batteries supplied.
  • Maximum waist belt circumference 120cm