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2 Ton Chain Block Hoist Lifting Tackle Engine Heavy Duty

Lightweight and compact 2 tonne chain block/chain hoist for use in restricted spaces with a lift height to 3 metres. Includes mechanical load brake, hardened alloy steel chains, heat treated and ground gears, shafts and pinions. Complete with drop forged hooks designed to bend slowly to warn of overload. 


This heavy duty product has been thoroughly tested and certified to CE specifications detailed. Our hand chain hoists/chain blocks are manufactured to require as little manual effort as possible to prevent any unnecessary risk to the users health and safety.


  • 2 tonne Chain Block
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Lift Height: 3m
  • Certificated to EN13157 +A1:2009 and 06/42/EC – Annex I/05.06
  • Diameter 15cm x 14cm Width
  • Built in single pawl safety brake
  • 2 x Load Chains
  • Chains manufactured from hardened G80 Carbon Steel
  • Minimum headroom only 44.4cm for use in restricted spaces
  • Diameter of Load chain: 6mm