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Professional Volleyball Net 9.75m. Mesh 4mm

The very best FULL SIZE (9.75m x 0.91m) professional quality volleyball net available! This net will last for many years of continuous heavy use. 


We have been extremely pleased to have our own specification net manufactured to this quality and features:

  • Constant Use, extra heavy duty net
  • Net mesh manufactured from 4mm DOUBLE KNOTTED and BRAIDED polythene twine
  • Steel headline cable is green vinyl covered 5mm galvanised steel with looped ends and 5mm headline tie cords
  • Headband 64mm 20oz heavy weight waterproof cotton with twin stitching
  • Side & Bottom Banding  64mm White Coated Nylon fabric with twin stitching
  • Headband and Sideband fitted with 10 x Brass Eyelets ( 3 x side band and 2 x top band) and 5mm ties
  • Net size: 9.75m (32ft) x 0.91m (3ft)
  • Mesh: 100mm (10cm) x 100mm (10cm) (3.94”)
  • Weight 3500g (3.5kg)

There is not enough superlatives to describe the superb specification of this net. This won't be the cheapest volleyball net but it's guaranteed to be the best!